Best All You Can Eat Restaurants in Cologne

4 May, 2022

Best All You Can Eat Restaurants in Cologne

May 4, 2022

Looking for good all-you-can-eat restaurants in Cologne, Germany? A quick search will tell you that many of the city’s all-you-can-eat places are Japanese sushi restaurants. Why, you ask? We don’t quite know the answer to that. But, we’ll tell you where to eat! In this article, we’ve brought you a list of some of the best all-you-can-eat options in Cologne.

1- Nakoyashi Sushi

Located in the heart of Cologne just a few minutes away from Neumarkt, Natoyashi offers traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern touch. Their all you can eat sushi offer can be used for up to 2 hours during dinner time and 1 hour and 30 minutes during lunch time. Each person can order up to 5 items per round. If you’re not all that hungry, you can also use their à la carte or live cooking options.

Although primarily a sushi restaurant, Natoyashi also has different types of Asian soups, salads, meat and fish dishes. Their dessert menu includes various types of ice-creams, creme brulee, fruit salad and spekkoek. Spekkoek is a type of Indonesian layer cake that developed during the Dutch colonial days.

Nakoyashi is probably the only restaurant in Cologne where you’re served by robots. They attach great importance to the quality and freshness of the ingredients they use. Their all you can eat sushi is aimed Japanese food lovers as well as beginners. The quality and taste of their food and drinks will certainly impress you.

2- Mongo’s

At Mongo’s Restaurant, you are your own Gourmet Chef! With their all-you-can-eat classic option nicknamed Mongo’s Total , you can taste everything as well as pick and choose your favourites endlessly! Just compose your own meals with their ingredients for your individual dish at their buffet, the Mongo’s Food Market. Many of the options are Mongolian or Asian-inspired.

Mongo’s offers a whole variety of homemade Mongo’s marinades for each course and for every taste: from mild European to fiery Asian, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and glutamate-free- the choice is yours: there is something for everyone! All marinades and sauces on offer are gluten-free and made without flavour enhancers.

They also offer a whole host of vibrant and yummy options for vegetarians. Around 30 different types of veggies and mushrooms as well as Asian noodles and spices are lying in store for you here. In addition, they also have vegan meat substitutes – made from tofu, seitan, soy and tempeh. 

3- Ginza All You Can Eat

Although fairly new, Ginza’s All You Can Eat Sushi has quickly become one of Cologne’s favourite go-to options for a sushi-fix. Their All you can eat order option is open for up to 2 hours.

During lunch hours: You can order up to 7 items per person per order round. Cost for Adults is €15.90 and €9.90 for children.

During lunch hours: You can order up to 5 items per person per order round. Cost for adults is €25.90 and €13.90 for children

You can place the next round of orders once when you’ve eaten the previous order.

The restaurant tries their best to minimise wastage. So please order only as much as you can eat. Any leftovers as a result of over-ordering will be charged at €1 per piece for sushi and salad and at €2 per dish for hot dishes.

4- Tutto

Tutto is an informal Italian buffet restaurant in the centre of Cologne. Guests can serve themselves from three open counters at a reasonable rate of €11 per person. The food counters include a salad bar with plenty of options, a pizza counter and a pasta counter. If you go there during lunch time, you can get a delicious lunch plate for €7.50, which you can put together on your own at the buffet. All their dishes, salads, sauces and breads are made fresh and in-house. The staff is always friendly and helpful and many of them speak English (if you’re a tourist). All in all, you get tasty food at a modest price. Great value for money! We highly recommend it!

5- Maracana Rodizio

Maracana Rodizio is a great place to enjoy Brazilian food in Friesenviertel at the heart of Cologne.

The restaurant offers original Brazilian meat and fish specialties with an “All you can eat” option. Various meat specialties of the finest quality are marinated and seasoned according to traditional Brazilian grill recipes. The meat is then grilled on the skewer until beautifully tender and juicy, sliced ​​straight from the skewer onto your plate. They also have a good selection of salads and other delicacies such as Serrano ham, scampi, salmon, mussels and more. Side dish include rice, rosemary potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables, black beans and an assortment of yummy dips.

After your meal, you can also pamper yourself with their dessert buffet options. If you don’t have the appetite for a an all you can eat meal, you can also choose their à la carte option.

The restaurant also hosts a samba show every Saturday evening at 8 p.m.!

6- Grand the Sushi Circle

The art of presentation and ambience are important aspects of Japanese sushi culture. The environment or room where the Sushi is eaten is considered important too. Keeping that in mind, the owners of the Grand Sushi Circle restaurant have dedicated time and care in creating a pleasant ambience with subdued lights, Cherrywood, leather etc. What the chef prepares is sent to the guests using a conveyor on the sushi bar itself.

Guests are free to choose from the options served. The all-you-can-eat menu has over 70 Japanese dishes, such as sushi, soups, salads and grilled dishes. Vegetarians will not be disappointed here as we have over 15 vegetarian options in the menu. Please ask the service staff if you want to choose our vegetarian options.

The all-you-can-eat lunch menu costs 14 euros while its dinner counterpart costs 23.50 Euros. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

7- Fant-asia

Fantasia Cologne has a wonderful all-you-can-eat menu with amazing sushi, appetiser and dessert options at a super reasonable price. Their sushi rolls are always top-notch and they consistently deliver great quality. The food presentation is also visually pleasing. A small all-you-can-eat menu with fewer options will cost you 14.90 Euros whereas the full menu will cost you 21.90 Euros. Children up to 4 years of age eat for free. For children between the ages of 4 and 10, you’d have to spend between 7.90 and 10.90 Euros. For dessert, you should try their fried ice cream. We highly recommend this place.

8- Govardhan

At Govardhan, you can enjoy an authentic North Indian lunch spread with a touch of Ayurveda during weekdays for just 8.90 Euros. Their menu is entirely vegan or vegetarian. The ambience is very pleasant and the food has a healthy, home-cooked taste. The only problem is that the spice levels may not be up to par for Indians or people who’re used to spicy Indian food. The service is warm and friendly and the staff is extremely helpful if you have questions.


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