Best Valpolicella Amarone Tours

20 Jul, 2022

Best Valpolicella Amarone Tours

Jul 20, 2022

If you’re a wine lover, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to add an Amarone wine tour to your list of things to do in Verona. This region is famous for its delicious wines, and the best way to experience them is on a guided tour. Here are some of the best Amarone tasting tours in Verona and Valpolicella.

What to know about Amarone? (For beginners)

Amarone of Valpolicella is a type of Italian red wine made from partially dried grapes. It is a full-bodied wine with high alcohol content and a complex, fruity flavor. 

Amarone is produced in the northeastern region of Italy known as the Veneto, and it is one of the most popular wines from this area. The name “Amarone” comes from the Italian word for bitter, which refers to the wine’s slightly bitter aftertaste. 

Amarone of Valpolicella is typically made from a blend of Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes. These grape varieties are dried for several weeks or months before being fermented, which Concentrates their flavors and results in a deeper, more intense color. 

Amarone wines are typically aged for two years or more before being released for sale. Because of their high alcohol content and bold flavors, Amarone wines are best enjoyed with food. They pair well with hearty dishes such as stews and roast meats.

Amarone Tours in Verona and Valpolicella

From Verona: Amarone Wine Trail Tour

You’ll be amazed at how different wines can taste when they’re made in separate regions. 

Get ready for an unforgettable day with your guide as you travel through the Valpolicella Valley, learning all about its rich history while enjoying delicious food and great wine! 

The driver will pick you up at the city centre in an air-conditioned van. The first stop will be a gorgeous winery where a sommelier will take you on a guided visit to the wine cellar and explain the process of amarone production and storage.

Then, everyone sits around a table with some local wines including the Amarone. After the tasting, you can take some beautiful pictures in the garden and vineyards before heading to the next stop for another tasting. After the second tasting, the guide will drop you back in Verona 

The visit includes

  • Transportation from city centre
  • Professional wine guide
  • Full visit to a winery
  • 2 wine tastings

Verona: Vineyard and Winery Tour with Wine Tasting

This guided wine tour takes you to a rural family-run winery in the countryside of Verona. The vineyards and winery have belonged to the same family for 5 generations. 

At the winery, you’ll be able to walk around the vineyard. The hosts will regale you with stories about the history of the winery and its estates.

You’ll visit the traditional drying room and see how Amarone grapes are dried using a process called Appassimento. The winemaker will explain the wine-making process, and how flavour profiles vary based on the grapes used. Next, you’ll visit the country house and cellar which has been used for wine-making since the 1600s.

The best part comes towards the end of the tour. You’ll take part in a tasting session where you’ll be served a lovely selection of fine wines from Valpolicella- Ripasso and the great Amarone. Learn how to evaluate them using your senses of sight, smell and taste. The wine is served with a selection of appetisers including local meats, cheeses, bread and extra virgin olive oil. The view of the Italian countryside and Valpolicella hills from the terrace is simply breathtaking.

The visit includes:

  • Wine tasting with the winemaker
  • Light lunch with tastings of local cheeses, chutney, salami, bread and other local food
  • Visit to the vineyard, the cellar and the traditional room to dry Amarone grapes
  • Explanation of the wine process and refinement

Amarone Countryside E-bike Tour

Discover the beautiful landscape where the Amarone wines of Italy are produced on a half-day e-bike tour from Verona.

Leave the city at 8:55 AM after meeting at the local tour operator’s information point. Here, a cycling leader will provide you with your bike and helmet. Then, head off to the nearby hills of the Valpantena viticultural zone.

Cycle past the unmistakable scent of vineyards, and then stop to visit a beautiful and traditional winery in the heart of the wine region where you’ll also have a tasting session. Your tour leader will tell unforgettable stories of the region, where winemaking has been refined since the days of the Romans.

Marvel at the magnificent territory between Verona and Lake Garda, where the hills and vineyards produce the renowned Amarone wine made from dried grapes.

On this half-day e-bike tour from Verona, you will explore the beautiful landscape where the Amarone wines of Italy are produced. 

You will meet your tour leader at the local tour operator’s information point. The bike tour will start at 8:55 AM. The tour leader will give you your bike and helmet. Then, you’ll go to the nearby hills of the Valpantena viticultural zone. 

You’ll cycle past the lovely vineyards, and visit a traditional winery in the heart of the wine region. There, you will also enjoy a tasting session. Your tour leader will tell memorable stories about the region, where winemaking has been practiced since Roman Times.

The visit includes:

  • Electric bike
  • Helmet
  • Wine tasting
  • Local wine expert
  • Winery visit

Valpolicella: Wine and Food Tour with Professional Sommelier

Explore the amazing wines of Valpolicella on a guided wine and food tour leaving from Lake Garda. Learn more about the wines and food of the Valpolicella region from an expert sommelier.

The tour guide will meet you at the winery and guide you through this unforgettable wine experience. A professional Sommelier will walk you through the history of the winery, the park with its green gardens, and the splendid villa Giona, before visiting the barrel area and tasting its historic wines.

After the barrel site and wine cellar visit, get your taste buds going with a fabulous wine tasting experience where you will have 2 white and 4 red wine varieties including Amarone served with delicious local products such as salami and cheese  from the Valpolicella region

  • Professional Sommelier
  • Villa Giona parks visit
  • Wine cellar guided visit
  • Wine tour and tasting of 6 wines
  • Local product tasting

Verona: Wine Experience the Cradle of Amarone

Head to a traditional winery in Valpolicella to savour 6 regional wines, including Valpolicella classics and Amarone vintages. Discover the wine cellars and taste delicious local charcuterie.

You’ll meet the host at the convenient spot in Verona and travel to the winery, where you will be given a tour of the cellar. The host will also tell you about the aging and wine refining  process.

You’ll try 6 high quality wines and learn how to tell their nuances.

The visit includes:

  • Tasting of 6 Valpolicella wines
  • Breadsticks


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